Osmunda wehrii

Newly discovered pinnules of O. wehrii with distinctive, taxonomically significant morphological features support its close relationship to Osmunda regalis and O. japonica of Osmunda subgenus Osmunda
Miller, C. N., Jr. 1982.  Osmunda wehrii, a new species based on petrified rhizomes from the Miocene of Washington.  American Journal of Botany 69:  116-121.
Pigg, K. B., M. L. DeVore and W. C. Wehr.  2005. Filicalean ferns from the Tertiary of western North America: Osmunda L. (Osmundaceae: Pteridophyta), Woodwardia Sm. (Blechnaceae: Petridophyta), and onocleoid ferms (Filicales: Pteridophyta). Fern Gazette: submitted.

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