Palaeocarpinus (Betulaceae: Coryloideae)
A new species of Palaeocarpinus (Betulaceae: Coryloideae), an extinct genus with some features of the extant Corylus (hazelnut, filbert) and others similar to the extant Carpinus (hop hornbeam) is described from Almont.  A whole plant reconstruction, including details of pistillate and pollen catkins, nutlet structure, pollen and associated leaves is presented.

Manchester, S. R., K. B. Pigg, and P. R. Crane.  2004. Palaeocarpinus dakotaensis sp. nov.  (Betulaceae: Coryloideae) and associated staminate catkins, pollen and leaves from the Paleocene of North Dakota.  International Journal of Plant Sciences 165: 1135-1148.

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