cf. Securidaca (Polygalaceae)

Winged samaras with features similar to Securidaca, including a flap-like "accessory wing" and a distal elongate gynophore/peduncle region are described from the Almont flora. Anatomical features of seed coat are also comparable to those of Polygalaceae. Compressions previously referred to "Acer arcticum" and the genus Deviacer show similar features and may be closely related. 
Pigg, K. B., M. F. Wojciechowski, and M. L. DeVore.  2004. Samaras from the Late Paleocene Almont and Beicegel Creek floras of North Dakota, U.S.A., with potential affinities to Securidaca (Polygalaceae). Botany 2004: Abstracts.

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