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Greater Sonoran Desert Lichen Flora

The principal objective of the project is to produce a comprehensive lichen flora for the Sonoran Desert and adjacent regions.

The study will include all lichenized fungi (currently over 250 known genera) as well as a limited number of saprophytic fungi (currently 7 known genera) that are frequently treated with lichens (e.g. Mycocalicium, Sarea, etc.). In addition, we also plan to include lichenicolous fungi (currently 30 known genera).

All three volumes of the Greater Sonoran Desert Flora are now avalaible. Find out how to get your copy!

As currently understood this would involve approximately 1400 species in 285 genera (note: 4 genera have both lichenized species and unlichenized ones occurring as lichenicolous fungi).

An interactive key for the genera is available through the LIAS project in Munich.

The study area is defined broadly to include the Sonoran Desert as defined by Shreve (1951), Mediterranean areas in California and adjacent mountainous regions. In Mexico it includes all of Baja California, Sonora and Sinaloa from Mazatlan north. It also includes the Sierra Madre area of western Chihuahua extending as far south as the Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon). In the United States it includes all of Arizona, the desert regions of SE California and coastal Californian areas as far north as San Francisco.

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