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Greater Sonoran Desert Lichen Flora


Edited by T.H. Nash III, C. Gries and F. Bungartz

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The Lichen Flora of the Greater Sonoran Desert Region, Volume 3
This is the third and final volume of a complete lichen flora for the Greater Sonoran region covering over 500,000 square km of the southwestern Uniterd States and northwestern Mexico. The first volume of the "Lichen Flora of the Greater Sonoran Desert Region" provided a substantial introduction to lichen terminology, included keys to most groups, and descriptions for almost 600 species for most of the pyrenolichens as well as squamulose species and the majority of macrolichens. Volume II extended coverage to over 700 lichen species in 111 genera, including many genera of macrolichens. It also covered the majority of lichenicolous fungi (species occurring on lichens) and included 64 full color photographs. Now the third and final volume completes the treatment of all remaining genera currently known from the Sonoran Region. It includes 224 color photos (none repeated from Brodo et al., 2001) and covers 39 additional lichen genera, several large and less known groups such as Acarospora, Buellia, Caloplaca and Usnea. It also treats four genera of lichenicolous fungi. Altogether, 1971 species are treated in the three volumes, of which over 25% have been described as new to science since 1990.

You can order this book directly from the ASU Lichen Herbarium. Please send an e-mail to Dr. Thomas Nash (, include your name and mailing address and send checks (including postage) made out to: (Due to changing shipping costs, please contact Dr. Nash for shipping prices)

Dr. Thomas H. Nash III
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Dr. Andreas Beck
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