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Historical Lichen Collection
of Brother G. Arséne Brouard

College of Santa Fe, NEW MEXICO
deposited at the Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium (ASU)

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Some Background Information

This important historical collection was re-discovered by Dave Johnson at the College of Santa Fe in 1999. During an ABLS (American Bryological & Lichenological Society) field trip around Santa Fe in 2001, participants were kindly invited to inspect the collections. It was evident that these were authentic collections made by Frére G. Arséne Brouard from the Christian Brotherhood in and around Santa Fe in the 1930s. Brother Arséne sent most of his lichen collections to Maurice Bouly de Lesdain, and many new taxa originally described by Bouly de Lesdain from New Mexico were based on his material. Bouly de Lesdain retained specimens sent to him in his private herbarium in Dunkerque, France, and sent back to Brother Arséne letters detailing his determinations. Brother Arséne maintained a detailed catalog of these determinations, a vital document also discovered by Dave Johnson. Unfortunately, Bouly de Lesdain's collections were destroyed in World War II, and much of the important "type" material of these new taxa was lost.

Many specimens of these re-discovered collections were mentioned in the second major paper on New Mexico lichens by Bouly de Lesdain (1942), and some may represent isotypes or isosyntypes that may be suitable for selection as lectotypes.

Bouly de Lesdain, M. (1942): Lichens de l'état de New-Mexico (U.S.A.) recueillis par le Frére G. Arséne Brouard (supplément). Revue Bryologique et Lichénologique 12: 44-66.

Most of these specimens are from the later period in Brother Arséne's life. Based on specimen collection dates, they do not represent duplicates of collections upon which Bouly de Lesdain based his first New Mexico lichen paper in 1932:

Bouly de Lesdain, M. (1932): Lichens de l'état de New-Mexico (U.S.A.) recueillis par le Frére G. Arséne. Annales de Cryptogamie Exotique 5: 89-139.

The historical collection of Frére Arséne Brouard from Santa Fe was kindly donated to ASU by the Christian Brothers of the College of Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2002. According to our agreement duplicates of the original collections will also be deposited in Santa Fe and OMA (University of Nebraska at Omaha). Specimens from the collection have been curated with the help of Robert S. Egan, Dave Johnson, Thomas H. Nash III, Bruce Ryan and F. Bungartz. Robert S. Egan (OMA) and Dave Johnson (Santa Fe) have catalogued the collection and Corinna Gries imported the data into the ASU database.

You may search the contents of this collection here:
View the Arséne Brouard Collections

For more detail you should use the collectors name (Brouard)
and the taxon, collection number or locality to search our database at:
The Southwest Environmental Information Network (SEINet)

We invite lichenologists around the world to have a look at their genera and hope that the material proves useful. Please send your inquiries and loan requests to Tom Nash at:

Other important collections from Brother Arséne Brouard:

The Department of Systematic Botany of the Smithsonian Institute also holds several important type specimens collected by Brother Arséne Brouard (if you are interested in these specimens click at the link, select "Databases" and follow their link to Bouly de Lesdain's Lichens du Mexique Types Collected by Arséne G. J. Brouard).

You may also check out the following publication:

DePriest, P. T. (1996): Arséne's Collections at the US National Herbarium pertinent to Bouly de Lesdain's Lichens du Mexique. Cryptogamie, Bryologia-Lichénologia 17: 87-102.

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