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ASU Lichen Herbarium Profiles

Thomas H. Nash III (
Tom Nash is the director of the ASU Lichen Herbarium. His research focuses on lichen ecophysiology, bioindication and the taxonomy of Xanthoparmelia (Vainio) Hale. His collection makes up the majority of the specimens at the ASU Lichen Herbarium.
As senior editor of the Sonoran Desert Lichen Flora, he has collected lichens extensively throughout the greater Sonoran Desert region over the past 30 years and organized several research expeditions through Arizona and Baja California.

Corinna Gries (
Corinna Gries is a research professor at ASU. She designed the ASU Lichen Herbarium database and has been responsible for the general data management in the past. She currently works on advanced ecological computer applications and data management at the International Institute for Sustainability (IIS) at ASU. She is a co-Principal Investigator with Dr. Nash on the Sonoran Desert Flora Project and has been involved with ecology/biogeochemistry research at ASU for many years.

Ken G. Sweat (
Ken Sweat is a graduate student working on his PhD in Plant Biology at ASU main campus. His area of interest is the affects of air pollution on lichens, and how this can be used to monitor air quality. Ken is also a lecturer on the West campus in the Department of Life Sciences, where he teaches Biometry, Comparative Plant Diversity and the first year biology for majors.

Scott T. Bates (
Scott Bates received a Master of Science degree from Arizona State University in Plant Biology. This work examined taxonomy, spore ultrastructure (under SEM) and molecular systematics in the gasteroid fungi. He continues his studies at ASU in the School of Life Science PhD program investigating fungi associated with biological soil crusts. As part of the Lichen Herbarium team, Scott manages the ABLS Lichen Exchange and serves as a lichen identification specialist for the USDA's Forest Inventory and Analysis program.

Jennifer Riddell (
Jennifer Riddell received her B.S. in Botany from Humboldt State University, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Arizona State University's School of Life Sciences. Her current research interests include effects of nitrogen deposition and ozone on lichens, with an emphasis on lichens found in arid and semi-arid ecosystems. Jennifer is a recipient of the EPA STAR Fellowship for her research with air pollution and lichens.

Robin T. Schroeder (
Robin Schroeder was the Curatorial Assistant at the ASU Lichen Herbarium. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Botany from Arizona State University in 1999. A self-taught computer progammer, she digitally and physically helped things in the herbarium run smoothly.

Former Staff and Students in the ASU Lichen Herbarium

Bruce D. Ryan
Bruce Ryan was the Collections Manager at the ASU Herbarium. He passed during the spring 2004 after a battle with liver cancer. His large collection of lichens is housed at the ASU Lichen herbarium. Bruce was one of the foremost expert in North American lichen taxonomy. His research emphasized the taxonomy of the large lichen genus Lecanora Ach. and he published many accounts on that genus. For the Sonoran Desert Lichen Flora Bruce finished a revision of the lichen genus Lecania A Massal shortly before his death. We all miss him. A short orbituary is available here.

Samatha Standley (
Samatha Standley worked at the ASU Lichen Herbarium from 2003 to 2005, serving as the collections manager soon after B. Ryan passed away. She completed a BS at ASU in Plant Biology with an emphasis in Ecology. She currently lives in Brooklyn and analyzes risk assessment of the collections at American Museum of Natural History. In her spare time, she is becoming familiar with the lichens of NY state area and volunteering at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

Frank Bungartz (
Frank Bungartz finished his PhD in Plant Biology at ASU in May 2004. As part of the Sonoran Desert Lichen Flora Project he continues his research on the taxonomy of the genus Buellia de Not. From June 2004 to May 2005 Frank was employed by the Botanische Staatssammlung in Munich, Germany. Since Fall 2005 Frank has been working as the Cryptogamic Botanist for the Charles Darwin Research Station for the Galápagos Islands , Ecuador. There he is working on an inventory of the lichens and bryophytes of the archipelago. He enjoys macro-photography and you can have a look at his Calendar "Lichens of the Sonoran Desert".

James C. Lendemer (
James Lendemer was hired as academic associate at the ASU lichen herbarium in Spring 2004 to supervise data entry, specimen curation and loan management. James previously worked as Research Associate at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. His research there focused on lichens from eastern North America. James is particularly interested in the lichen genus Usnea. Utilizing chemistry, morphology, ontogeny and geographic distribution he has started a revision of the genus for Eastern North America as well as the angulose taxa (i.e. U. angulata Acharius) world-wide.

Karen Dillman (
Karen Dillman finished her master's degree in Plant Biology at ASU. She has been actively involved with lichenology working for the US forest service for many years in Alaska. Have a look at one of her current research project about the "Lichens of the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes of Northwestern Alaska".

Frauke Ziemmeck (
Frauke Ziemmeck was an academic associate at the ASU Lichen Herbarium from 2001 until 2004. She has entered a large volume of specimens from the ASU collection into the database and supervised specimen curation and loan management.

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