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ASU Lichen Herbarium Database

Why Database?

Have you ever looked at a large collection of plants, animals or lichens and wondered how many there were? More specifically, how many were collected in the Grand Canyon or which one is the oldest? Natural History Databases help us keep track of specimens and their attributes. Databases give us the power to answer questions like the ones above quickly and with as much accuracy as the data entry process allowed!

The ASU Lichen Herbarium Database

The ASU Lichen Herbarium Database currently holds over 109,000 specimen records. It resides in SQL server and is maintained via a Microsoft Access front-end application. It has the ability to manage specimen records, including an annotation history, tlc records, type and exsiccati information on each specimen. It also manages outgoing and incoming loans and exchanges.

Online Resources

The ASU Lichen Herbarium database is available as a DiGIR provider to GBIF, The Global Biodiversity Information Facility. All of the data is also available through Consortium of North American Lichen Herbaria. These two site have access to our live data. So, if we make a correction or addition to the database today, it is immediately available to these websites. We are also in the process of building a connection with REMIB, The World Biodiversity Information Network.

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