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Epiphytic Macrolichens of Arizona: Key to the common genera and species

by F. Bungartz, R. Rosentreter and T. H. Nash III
ASU 2002

This guide deals with the more common genera and species of epiphytic macrolichens known from Arizona and to some extend throughout the arid Southwest. It is intended as a quick field reference and not a comprehensive guide to the entire flora. 

The guide is a result from several training sessions conducted for the USDA Forest Service Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program in Tucson, Arizona over the past two years.


You may download the PDF-files below to print out copies for your personal use.
Any commercial use of this guide is prohibited. Please contact Frank Bungartz if you are interested to publish and sell this guide on a commercial basis. The Adobe Acrobat PDF files are password protected, allowing only the printout of the files. The extraction of images or text is not permitted! 

You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to be able to use the PDF-files below. You can download  Adobe Acrobat reader here.

EpiphyticMacrolichenKeyArizona.pdf (11.8 MB)
The pages of this file are in continuous sequence in letter format. Pictures are screen resolution (72 dpi) and the file is intended for use on a computer and not for printout. Use the files below for printout.

EpiphyticMacrolichenKeyArizonaPrintout.pdf (36.6 MB)
This file has both the front and back pages for a printout. If you have a printer which can print on both sides at the same time, you can use this file for printout. Just open the file with Adobe Acrobat and set your printer for double-sided printing.

EpiphyticMacrolichenKeyArizonaPrintout01.pdf (11.6 MB)
This file has only the front page for a printout. If you do not have a printer which can print on both sides, you can use this file to printout the first batch of pages. Then you need to turn the stack of paper around and use the next file for printing on the back side.

EpiphyticMacrolichenKeyArizonaPrintout02.pdf (20.2 MB)
This file has only the back page for a printout. If you do not have a printer which can print on both sides, you first need to print out the file ´EpiphyticMacrolichenKeyArizonaPrintout01.pdf´ and then use the batch of paper for printing out the back side.

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