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This list was last updated November 2006, it is nowhere near complete.

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Picture Galleries, Ecology

Lichen Portrait Gallery by Stephen Sharnoff & Irwin Brodo

North American Lichen Project by Irwin Brodo and Stephen Sharnoff

Lichen Sampler  by Stephen Sharnoff & Irwin Brodo

Fun With Lichens "Lichenland" by the Oregon State University

Introduction to Lichens by the University of California, Berkeley

Lichen Biomonitoring by the Ohio Division of Forestry

NEARCTICA: Natural History of Lichens

Natural Perspective - Lichens by Ari Kornfeld

Bruce McCune's Home Page Oregon State University Corvallis

Lichens in Texas 
Nature Guide to the non-crustose Lichens found on trees, by Jerry Evans

Lichen Lore Colorado

The world of lichenology Cliff Smith, Hawaii

Epiphytes and Forest Management



North America:

International Association of Lichenologists (IAL)

American Bryological and Lichenological Society

California Lichen Society

Northwest Lichenologists


List of All Lichen Societies Worldwide (updated by the IAL)

British Lichen Society UK

Bryologisch-Lichenologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Mitteleuropa (BLAM) (in German)

Dutch Bryological and Lichenological Society - The Netherlands (in Dutch with English Summary)

Estonian Lichenology (in English)

Societá Lichenologica Italiana - Italy (in Italian)

Nordic Lichen Society (in English)


LICHENOLOGISTS: Their e-mail addresses and Home Pages:


E-mail Addresses of Lichenologists MYCOLOGY Net (formerly hosted at the LIAS website)

Addresses of Lichenologists IAL

Lichen-L (List Server) International e-mail Network of Lichenologists

Klaus Kalb Universit?t Regensburg
(in German)

Teiko Kurokawa 
(in Japanese) 

Bruce McCune Oregon State University Corvallis

Felix Schumm Stuttgart
(in German , with several electronic keys to Heterodermia and the Parmeliaceae from the Canary Islands)

Cliff Smith Welcome to the World of Lichenology, Hawaii

Dagmar Triebel Botanische Staatssammlung M?nchen
(in English) 

Shirley C. Tucker  University of California, Davis

Cliff Wetmore Lichens at Minnesota

Isao Yoshimura
(in Japanese)



North America:
Checklist of the Greater Sonoran Desert
North American Lichen Checklist (updated April 2006)
Lichens of Belton, Texas
Macrolichens of Maine
Microlichens of New England
Lichens of United States National Parks, NPLichen Version 3
Tucker/Ryan Revised Catalog of Lichens, Lichenicoles, and Allied Fungi in California
Lichens of Alberta, Canada
Lichens of British Columbia, Canada

Other Regions:
Checklist of Lichens from the British Isles
Mediterranean Checklist
Austrailian Lichen Checklist(New! With images!)
Checklist of Norwegian Lichens
Guianas Checklist
Foliicolous Lichens
Acharius' lichen types
Fact sheets on Norwegian lichens
The Red list of Swedish species (including lichens)
Lichens of Estonia

<% %> World:
Species 2000 Annual Checklist


some with databases of general collections, type collections, etc:

References to Herbaria and Collections:

Index Herbariorum
An Index to the Herbaria of the World (not just lichens)

A Global Information System for Lichenized and Non-Lichenized Ascomycetes

Mycological and Lichenological Collection Catalogs
Further links to Collection Catalogs

U.S. National Fungus Collections databases

Herbaria, North America:
North American Lichen Project, ASU Lichen Herbarium
Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, ASU (searchable collection)
Santa Barbara Botanical Garden, Santa Barbara, California, SBBG (searchable collection)
Farlow Herbarium at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, FH
Lichen Herbarium at University of California, Riverside (searchable collection)
Smithsonian Lichen Collection Washington DC, US
University of Minnesota Lichen Herbarium , St. Paul, Minnesota, MIN (collection species list)
Michigan State University Herbarium East Lansing, Michigan (searchable collection)
Oregon State University Lichen Collection Corvallis, Oregon (searchable collection)
Ohio State University (OSU) Herbarium , Columbus, Ohio
Florida Bryophyte and Lichen Collection University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, FLAS

other countries:
VICTORIA - the searchable information system on the lichens from Victoria Land (Continental Antarctica)
Berlin Herbarium B, Botanisches Museum Berlin Dahlem, Germany
Essen Lichen Collection ESS, Universität Essen, Germany
Oslo Lichen Herbarium O, University of Oslo, Norway
Swedish Museum of Natural History: Lichen Herbarium S, Stockholm, Sweden



Herbarium Supply Company


Literature Indices:
Recent Literature on Lichens the most up to date database for lichen literature!!!
Libri Fungorum : Literature on Fungus, including 7283 page images for the 10 volumes of Zahlbrucker!
Bibliography of Systematic Mycology (from CABI Biosciences)
Index to American Botanical Literature

On Line Journals:
The Bryologist
The Lichenologist
Pacific Northwest Fungi
International Lichenological Newsletter
Bibliotheca Lichenologica
Mycotaxon, Ltd.
Systematic Mycology & Lichenology Laboratory, MYCOSYSTEMA
Opuscula Philolichenum (short papers in lichenology, especially small floristic works, checklists, and modest taxonomic revisions)


for locality information

Geographic Names Information System USGS
Locality information for the USA


Dichotomous Keys, Interactive Keys

The Lichen Key Archive
LIAS : Global Information System for Lichenized and Non-Lichenized Ascomycetes
Identifying North American Lichens: A guide to the literature
Interactive Online Key to the Lichens of the Greater Sonoran Desert



Nomenclature, Taxonomic Hierarchy, Author Names

Myconet (This is the most recent, regularly updated "

CABI Biosciences  
CABI maintains several very useful Taxonomic Databases for Names of all Fungi (including Lichens).
Especially the following ones are particularly helpful (the taxonomy of the Ascomycota follows the Dictionary of Fungi, and is not identical with Myconet):

        Taxonomic Hierarchy (Search of Higher Groups of Fungi)

        Family Names (Search for Family Names of Fungi)

        Index Fungorum (Search for Names of Genera and Species; extremely valuable search
        tool for references to authors, publications and types)

Standardized Abreviations of Author Names 
[according to BRUMMIT and POWELL (1992, regularly updated!)]

ING - Index Nominum Genericorum (Database of Genus Names maintained by the Smithsonian)

ITIS - Integrated Taxonomic Reference System (General Database on Taxonomic Names)



Fungal Databases of Systematic Botany and Mycology

German Society for Mycology DGfM (in German)

Mycology Net Information about diversity of fungi (in cooperation with LIAS)



List of websites for Botanists

BiologyBase: Vascular Plant Families

International Organization for Plant Information

National Biological Information Infrastructure


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