Native Bee in Abutilon

Online Collections Data

Please Note: This site is out of date, please visit our webpages at the Biodiversity Knowledge Information Center here.

SEINet - The Southwest Environmental Information Network, hosted by the Global Institute for Sustainability, Arizona State University Users can search one or many of the ASU collections databases, generating maps and checklists. We have spent years perfecting this interface and adding new features. Interactive plant keys are also available for some regions of Arizona as are photos of many specimens and plants. GBIF - Global Biodiversity Information Facility This is a portal for natural history collections data from around the world. Many of our collection are available via this online tool. Lifemapper - Informatics Biodiversity Research Center, University of Kansas Lifemapper uses collections data and advanced mapping techniques to create predictive species distributions. Our Lichen and Vascular Plant collections data are used for these predictive models.

Digital Map Archives

GNIS - Geographical Names Information Systems, USGS This is a wonderful resource for georeferencing US specimens. Fuzzy Gazetteer is made available by the European Commission Joint Research Centre FuzzyG (or Fuzzy Gazetteer) searches for place names world-wide and can handle variations in spelling, thereby making the searches more robust. European Commission Joint Research Digital Map Archive