Pleopsidium Specimen

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Exhibit Reception
January 20, 2006

The ASU Natural History Collections hosted a well recieved reception in the lobby of the ASU Life Sciences A-wing building in honor of a new exhibit in that space. The exhibit introduces each of the collections and hightlights a few publications from each. SoLS News Release

Canotia, New Journal of Arizona Botany
December 1, 2005

Edited by Les Landrum, Canotia is a new journal of Arizona Botany and Taxonomy. The first volume includes a treatment of the vascular plant family Polemoniaceae in Arizona by Dieter H. Wilken and J. Mark Porter. This journal is available in PDF format on the Vascular Plant Herbarium Website. Check it out here.

New Online Lichen Key Now Available
November 7, 2005

A new interactive lichen key was deployed on the ASU Lichen Herbarium Website. Many new features are now available to help the process of identifing lichens online. Check it out here.