Photo Credits

Fossil Zizyphoides Leaf
Fossil Zizyphoides Leaf, Photo by Kathleen Pigg

Snake Specimens
Snake specimens from the ASU reptile collection, Photo by Andy Holycross
Jars of Fish
Fish specimens from the ASU fish collection, Photo by Andy Holycross

Native Bee in Abutilon
Native Bee in Abutilon, Photo by Anthony Gill

Snake Specimens
Shell from the ASU Mallacology Collection, Photo by Chuck Kazilek & Bill Sharp, Exhibited in a 2001 show entitled 'Shells of the Desert'. You can find more of these fabulous images
Saguaro Specimen
Scan of a Saguaro specimen from the ASU Vascular Plant Herbarium, more specimen scans like this can be found in the SEINet Image Library

Rodent specimens in the ASU Mammal Collection, their skulls are stored in the small containers, Photo by Andy Holycross

Holotype of Buellia ryanii
Holotype of Lichen, Buellia ryanii Bungartz, named after the late Bruce Ryan, Photo by Robin Schroeder
Xanthoparmelia specimen from the ASU Lichen Herbarium, photo by Frank Bungartz
A Ringtail Cat, the state mammal of Arizona, Photo by Craig Benkman
Mexican Amberwing, Photo by Anthony Gill
Gambel's Quail, the state bird of Arizona, photo by Earle Robinson,

Fossil Fern
Fossil Fern, Photo by Kathleen Pigg

Desert Fairy Duster
Desert Fairy Duster, Calliandra eriophylla, Photo by Les Landrum
Rattlesnake, photo by Andy Holycross