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Internship in the ASU Vascular Plant Herbarium

Students interested in the identification, classification, and evolution of plants may want to consider working for credit in the ASU Vascular Plant Herbarium as a curatorial assistant. You will work under the direction of the Curator (Dr. Les Landrum) and the Collections Manager (Liz Makings).
The Vascular Plant Herbarium in the ASU School of Life Sciences is a museum collection, or "library," of over 290,000 plant specimens. It is located at 724 W. Alameda in Tempe, approximately 2 miles west of ASU main campus
The herbarium is continually adding new specimens to the collection, loaning specimens to other herbaria for study by specialists and students, collecting and identifying new specimens for the collection, producing labels for new specimens, and sending out specimens for exchange to other herbaria.
Interns in the Herbarium will participate in the following activities:
  1. Specimen preparation, mounting, restoration, filing, and repair

  2. Preparing specimens for a loan and/or exchange

  3. Scanning/photographing specimens

  4. Databasing of specimens and label generation

  5. Plant collecting field trips

  6. Plant identification through the use of dichotomous keys

Other special projects may be arranged.

The purpose of this study is to provide the student with an opportunity to participate in the curatorial activities of a natural history museum collection, and is especially valuable for those interested in learning more about plants!

Quercus palmeri

For more information contact Les Landrum (480) 965-4679 or Liz Makings (480) 965-6162.

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