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Arizona Trees and Shrubs (PLB 411)

Dr. Les Landrum

This course is designed to give an overview of the trees and shrubs of Arizona. It is for undergraduate and graduate students. Please note that there are field trips nearly every other week for this class. (see the class syllabus ).

We will learn the family, genus, and species for about 170 trees and shrubs throughout the state. You will also get a chance to see various parts of Arizona and natural areas around Phoenix.

This web site has been designed as a study tool for this class and a resource for those who wish to learn on their own; however, there is no substitute for seeing a plant in the field.

There are three PLANT LISTS available that will help you find the plant you are looking for. These are organized by family, species, and class week. The associated lists of plants are hyper linked to pages that will take you to plant images.

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