Fish Collection

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The Ichthyology Collection is extremely valuable for its regional focus on Arizona, southwestern US and northern Mexico. The collection has been historically built around the activities of the late Dr W.L. Minckley, with continued growth through collecting activities by Drs P. Marsh, T. Dowling. The collection also serves as the repository for non-game fish surveys by Arizona Department of Game and Fish. It contains around 20,000 registered lots (jars with multiple specimens), and includes numerous threatened and endangered southwestern species. Specimens are primarily preserved and housed in jars, plastic buckets, stainless steel, and Nalgene coffins. The fish skeletal collection is also noteworthy, consisting of over 1,000 cleared and stained specimens of small fishes and over 100 dry skeletons. The skeletal holdings - and an associated tissue collection - are currently being developed to increase phylogenetic coverage in order to allow research on higher relationships of fishes. A paper catalog of all registered specimens is maintained, though an electronic database is being developed. A large teaching collection is maintained separately from the exclusive research material. An extensive literature collection (reports, scientific reprints, and ichthyological books) of the late Dr. W. L. Minckley, consisting of 200 linear feet of shelf space, is associated with the collection and available to visiting researchers.

To arrange a visit to the collection or for more information, please contact Thomas Dowling, Interim Curator