Insect Collection

This site is out of date, please visit our webpage of the Hasboruck Insect Collection at the Biodiversity Knowledge Information Center here.

Arizona State University's Hasbrouck Insect Collection (coden: ASUHIC) contains around 750,000 insect specimens, representing at least 25 orders, 390 families, 5,000 genera, 15,000 species and 1,240 subspecies. Although most specimens are from Arizona and the southwestern United States, considerable representative material is also available from other North American states and especially Mexico. The collection was largely developed through the activities of past faculty (Drs. Frank Hasbrouck, Gordon Castle and Mont Cazier) and their students. The vast majority of specimens are pinned and mounted, though some specimens are stored in ethanol. In addition, an extensive reprint collection (10 file drawers) is available to visiting researchers. There is also a collection of representative insects for teaching and public outreach purposes.

The Hasbrouck Insect Collection is now located at 734 West Alameda Drive, Tempe, AZ 85282. Free parking is available directly at this location, and prospective visitors are encouraged to get in touch with us.

To arrange a visit to the collection or for more information, please contact the Curator Dr. Nico Franz at or the Collection Manager Dr. Sangmi Lee at

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